Hello to the Root World: Beginner’s​ Guide

Hello guys, I am back here, with an old topic but with new explanations, about ROOT. Many of us might have heard about the word “ROOT” right? (NOT THAT PLANT ONE, THE LINUX ONE!) Many of you might have come across this term while searching for any game mod, a module for your device etc.

So, What is ROOT actually? 

Suppose, you live on a planet called Android ain the Universe called Linux, and there’s a power called Root. If you have Root you have everything and as we all know with great powers comes​ great responsibilities, you can use Root to construct or destruct your Android. It can make your world(device/phone) better and if not handled properly things can get worse.

Now, out of the fiction world, two to three years back when I came across the word Root, I was like Wow! It’s Awesome! I can do anything if I am Root!, But I was pretty doubtful about it because while rooting your phone’s warranty gets void, I took my steps back too, when I read about Bricked Devices, lost IMEI numbers, etc. But the thing here to note is that these things happen only when we make any mistake, or doesn’t follow any step correctly while rooting.

Once, I realized these things I rooted my device. I kinda enjoyed it,like installing Xposed, gravity box module and tweaking my device to make it more efficient, it was all so fun. But here is something to remember, you have to be a bit careful about installing modules, because module can brick you device too.(Don’t worry about that but be a bit careful)

Modules surely make our device better, but something better is there, a custom ROM. And another term I want to introduce is a custom Recovery.

(I just pushed back the custom Recovery part although custom recovery is installed while rooting your Android)

{Now A bit of theory😜 sorry can’t help it}

What is a Custom ROM?

( A googled answer by the way😂) A custom ROM replaces your device’s Android operating system with a new version of Android operating system. Some famous custom ROMs are Lineage OS, Resurrection Remix, MiUI.

Similarly, a custom Recovery replace your device’s stock recovery. Custom recovery help you to flash(install) custom ROMs(and it’s not the only use).

Remember, you can’t install custom ROMs with stock recovery.

Next stop: What is a Bootloader?

Bootloader is a code that is executed before any operating system starts.For android devices, the bootloader typically starts either Android or Recovery.

Before you install a custom ROM or a custom Recovery you need you bootloader to be unlocked.

A locked bootloader is one that will only boot an operating system that it approves.

Now, talking about methods to get root access:-

  1. Using rooting apps such as Framaroot, Kingoroot etc. (One-Tap Root)
  2. ( This one is a bit lengthy) This whole process is carried out using adb tools. ADB tools are used to unlock boot loader and flash custom recovery. And after flashing recovery, we boot into the recovery and flash SuperSU.

    Remember guys, this article tells you some basic stuff about ROOT that you should know before Rooting your device. Steps for Rooting your device may vary with manufacturers.Just Google to know how to root your device.

    For information about the latest articles, stay tuned and Do subscribe.


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