Hi guys!! So, this is my first post for My blog’s LIFE EPISODES category. I am just trying to be different from others, trying to have a different kind of Blog, may be that’s where I find happiness for myself.

So, what is happiness exactly?πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Happiness is an emotion. It’s a feeling when something good happens to us, or to someone whom we love a lot. Happiness is a symbol of positive attitude, like you wake up early in the morning with a smile on your face and thinking like today will be a beautiful day(that’s positivity).

Happiness is not only resticted to when something good happens to you or you loved ones. You feel happy when you see your Parents, your family happy. You will find happiness in every corner when you will be happy for others. 

Happiness is finding someone, who can change you life, who makes you feel the way no one ever did! Happiness is the fun with friends, being crazy with friends.Happiness is long chats with best friends. Happiness is finding your passion! And following it.

You know what’s real happiness for parents, from watching their kids walking for the first time to watching them succed in life,every special moment of their kid is happiness for them.(RESPECT YOUR PARENTS)

Happiness is understanding the beauty of days and nights, living life in the best way, the way you never imagined. 

Happiness is something that can never be defined properly. If you are searching for happiness, Just ask yourself “What is happiness for me?”. You will surely get your answer!

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