Talking About Note 7

via Daily Prompt: Controversy

Hi Guys! Today I am going to talk about SAMSUNG’S NOTE 7, which was one of the most anticipated device in 2016. It could easily become one of the best sellers for Samsung(No doubt about that :P), but it turned into a disaster.

All Tech Reviews were positive, everything was great. It had everything that a High End flagship needed, beautifully crafted, excellent performance, Great look, sleek software. But soon people started reporting over heating of the device and battery explosions. And soon enough the Note 7 became a hot topic(more than hot topic, it was a burning issue) for not only the Tech World, but also for Samsung’s Customers. Samsung took the issue seriously and rolled out an update limiting the charging capacity of the device to safe levels.

Samsung later on, started replacing the old Note 7, with the newly manufactured ones. Samsung changed the battery indicator colour of the new Note 7 to green, signifying that it was safe.  Samsung thought that they fixed the issue of battery explosions in new Note 7, but then came the surprise bomb, the newly manufactured Note 7 had battery explosions too.

After that, Samsung started refunding money to their customers, and took the Note 7 back from the market. They also offered replacements for Note 7 with the S7. They started a return programme for the Note 7, and told that they will be safely disposing the Note 7. During the Note 7 disaster, Samsung’s shares dropped from great height, and Samsung also lost the trust that it’s customers had on it.

So, Now the question comes, What went wrong?

According to Samsung, the real cause for battery explosions was the compact size of the battery and some manufacturing defects in the battery causing the negative electrodes in the battery to be bent and increasing the chances of short circuits.

After the Note 7 disaster we hope our Tech World would be making customer safety as major priority. No doubt that Note 7 was excellent but it can’t be neglected that a fatal mistake was made during the manufacturing process. I hope that Samsung (and every other company) will make safety checks as their first priority, after the Note 7 controversy.

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