Windows 10: Creators Update

So, Hi guys! I wasn’t able to post anything lately. So today, I upgraded to Windows 10: Creators Update using Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant. 

For those who don’t know much, let me tell you, Windows 10 Creators Update, is a major upgrade after the Anniversary Update. The updates comes with many things for the creators and also with more stability and Improvements. ( Note there is no visual overhauls) . The update will officially​ start rolling out on 11th April through Windows Update, But those who are eager to get it early can use Windows Upgrade Assistant to upgrade to the Creators Update(Do backup your data!).

The upgrade took 30-45 minutes. And the initial impressions are quite good (for me, can’t say anything for others) . The system is quite stable and I didn’t noticed any lags initially. There are some changes, like themes for Windows 10 are available on Windows Store. I tried 3-D paint too, it worked well.

Creators Update is still new and I need time to test it, I will talk about the changes in my next post, till then stay subscribed so that you don’t miss any update.


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