Best Time to Get AntVR Headset?!

So, It’s Diwali time here in India, and there are lots for Sales going on.. Many great things on sale. One such great thing is AntVR. AntVR was launched back in 2016 with Lenovo Vibe K4 Note, which was Lenovo’s first VR enabled device. It supports phones with screen size of 4.5-6 inch. When I bought it, I initially found it hard to insert my … Continue reading Best Time to Get AntVR Headset?!

Windows 10: Creators Update

So, Hi guys! I wasn’t able to post anything lately. So today, I upgraded to Windows 10: Creators Update using Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant.  For those who don’t know much, let me tell you, Windows 10 Creators Update, is a major upgrade after the Anniversary Update. The updates comes with many things for the creators and also with more stability and Improvements. ( Note there … Continue reading Windows 10: Creators Update

Talking About Note 7

via Daily Prompt: Controversy Hi Guys! Today I am going to talk about SAMSUNG’S NOTE 7, which was one of the most anticipated device in 2016. It could easily become one of the best sellers for Samsung(No doubt about that :P), but it turned into a disaster. All Tech Reviews were positive, everything was great. It had everything that a High End flagship needed, beautifully crafted, excellent performance, Great look, … Continue reading Talking About Note 7

Hello to the Root World: Beginner’s​ Guide

Hello guys, I am back here, with an old topic but with new explanations, about ROOT. Many of us might have heard about the word “ROOT” right? (NOT THAT PLANT ONE, THE LINUX ONE!) Many of you might have come across this term while searching for any game mod, a module for your device etc. So, What is ROOT actually?  Suppose, you live on a … Continue reading Hello to the Root World: Beginner’s​ Guide